Screenshots of Forgive for Good App

We designed this app with the goal of presenting a survey of Dr. Luskin’s work in a clear and engaging format. By presenting his work as a series of short text conversations, we’ve been able to incorporate questions and comments that Dr. Luskin routinely hears when he lectures and teaches. You’ll get an overview of the material simply by reading the text conversations, though for further elaboration each conversation has a “Read More” section, as well as a short audio recording by Dr. Luskin—there are 30 of them in all.

Please click on thumbnails to view full app screenshots.

For an additional charge, you may download longer presentations by Dr. Luskin. 9 Steps to Forgiveness presents Dr. Luskin’s general thoughts and perspective on forgiveness, conveying the spirit of his work and what it means to forgive. Changing your Story offers a more in depth view of working with the practice of forgiveness. These talks are designed as a pair, but can also stand alone. The third talk, Introduction to Forgiveness, begins with Dr. Luskin’s personal story of how he came to work on forgiveness, and also provides an overview of his work.