I was moved from my own experience of betrayal to discover forgiveness, because it was simply too painful to be stuck in resentment. Little did I know that my own work would become my life’s work. As director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, I and others have researched my forgiveness methods in many parts of the world. Please help me share this app with anyone you think would appreciate and enjoy it, and thank you for your support.

What I have seen time and time again is that people have the capacity to make peace with their past. They regain their ability to trust and love and stop blaming other people for their emotional distress. They take more time to count their blessings and less to complain about what went wrong. They understand they need to look more at who they become and less on what has happened and they grasp that each day they wake up with a fresh start no matter what happened to them yesterday. They learn to forgive and heal in both body and mind.

—Dr. Fred Luskin